December 5, 2005

Infinium Labs Announces Phantom in ’06, Ben Affleck To Star

Infinium Labs has just announced that their new video game service and console named the Phantom will be released in the fall of 2006, starring Ben Affleck.

“Ben Affleck has had a good track record with phantom related entities and we believe that he is the perfect leading man for our new video game console,” said Greg Koler, CEO of Infinium Labs.

The Phantom video game service will specialize in downloadable games at your fingertips that the whole family can enjoy for 2 minutes and then watch reality television. The specially created “lapboard” will feature the ability to change TV inputs so that this can easily be done.

“With our new TV input changing features and Ben Affleck, the Phantom is set to be the newest new thing come next Christmas,” said Koler. “In fact, that’s our motto. ‘Phantom: the new newity!'”

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