December 5, 2005

Mark Rein Disses Food, Recants In Same Sentence

Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, unleashed his criticizing tongue on food this week in a statement where he dissed the nutrional substance and then took it all back in the same sentence.

“Don’t get me wrong,” said Rein. “Food is a necessity and we need it but I think we need more food in storage than we need for eating – but that’s not what I meant.”

Food fanboys all over the internet were angry when they heard this but then were immediately calmed.

“I think this guy’s a d*ck, really – it’s insane that he would talk bad about food but it’s cool that he took it back,” said a blogger on

Rein has been known to diss other controversial concepts such as air, heat, gas and electricity and then act like he didn’t just diss them seconds earlier.

Epic Games is famous for it’s powerful game engine used in such games as Silverball and Jazz Jackrabbit 2. They are currently in development for the XBOX 360 with a port of their Dare to Dream series.

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