June 3, 2006

Sony Introduces Value Pricing In American Signature Line

Sony today announced a new tiered pricing structure for the American version of its PlayStation Signature line of products.

The move adds new, lower priced options to the recently announced Japanese line of high-end PlayStation-branded merchandise, which currently includes designer PSP cases, Sony-branded wine glasses, and crocodile leather-strapped watches.

“The PlayStation brand is about choice, and it’s about value,” said Sony Director of Branded Products Jim Takashimi. “Consumers understand that products bearing the PlayStation name are not toys – they’re unique, high-quality products brought to the market at a great, competitive price.”

According to the press release, the new value-priced options include:

Fine crystal PSP case: $100 – Encase your PSP in the fragile elegance of crystal!

One-sleeved PS3 shirt: $100 – Show off your love of the PlayStation 3 – and your fashion sense – at the same time!

Hand-crank PSP charger: $85 – Environmentally friendly! Fifteen minutes of cranking gets you five minutes of gameplay!

PlayStation dribble glass: $50 – Made of space-age, unbreakable plastics!

Authentic PS “rock” paperweight: $50 – The PS logo carved into an actual rock. Also useful as a doorstop.

YarnTech ™ PSP stand: $40 – Suspend your PSP midair on a brightly-colored thread. Perfect for all your UMD movies.

“Ultra-thin” ™ cardboard PSP strap: $30 – The styling of PlayStation – the strength of cardboard.

PSPen ™: $20 – The classic design of a disposable Bic Pen, now with the PlayStation logo.

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