November 25, 2006

[OPINION] Are We Still Going On About E3 2006?

Yes. Yes we are.

We are still going on about it. It was the first, and last, time that The Game Rag will ever be there. It was an exciting time and we deserve to be going on about it.

I met a lot of fun people there, namely blog writers. How many blog writers have you met? Here’s another question: How many E3s have you been to?

I’m guessing the answer to those questions is none (except for maybe the blog writers one) and so you should shut up about me going on about E3. If you’ve never been to one then you wouldn’t know what it’s like and if you had been to one then you would probably go on about it to.

Now, I know that some of you are probably saying to yourselves: “I’ve never once mentioned Nathan going on about E3. I don’t care if he does as long as it’s funny.” Some of you are probably even saying: “Nathan hasn’t even been going about E3. Why is he bringing this up?” At least one of you is saying: “He didn’t go on about E3 while he was there. Why would I care if he did it now?”

Well, go on saying those things. It’s Thanksgiving, I have writer’s block and I’m eating Jiffy Pop just like the Pilgrims.

I can do what I want.

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