May 1, 2007

[OPINION] I Don’t Care Who You Are, That’s My Seat

oie_self_portrait_illustratorI was playing that game of CounterStrike way before you even got here.

I just went up to get a frozen mocha while my friends finished out the match. You can’t sit here. What’s that? You and all your Romanian friends are playing? I don’t care. I was here first.

Huh? You come here every night? So do I. This is the seat you normally sit in? Me too. How come I’ve never seen you at CafeStrike before? You’ve never seen me here? Are you kidding? I’m here Monday through Thursday. Oh, you come on Fridays. Sure. Well, then why are you here on a Wednesday?

What? You’re the son of a poor immigrant who never even dreamed his son would get to use a computer? I don’t care who you are, that’s my seat and you’re not sitting in it.

I’ll thank you very much not sit here again.

Wait! Don’t leave. I’m sorry. Next time you’re playing CounterStrike come on by and I’ll let you sit next to me just so I can pwn your ass.

Now seriously leave. I’ve got some fraggin’ to do.


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