May 13, 2007

[OPINION] As Soon As I Finish This Video Game, You’re Dead

mark_hacking0802I said I would take out the trash after I finish my game.

I don’t know why you won’t just let me do that. Why does the trash need to go out right at this immediate time? It’s not like the dumpster isn’t going to be there after I beat this level of Halo 2 on Legendary.

You are making me so angry because you keep going on and on. Honestly, I can’t even take it anymore. You’re really put me on edge. As soon as I finish this video game, you’re dead.

But, first, I need to get past this batch of aliens. I’ve been trying to beat it for a week now. Don’t you know how hard the Legendary diffuculty level is? I’ve never gotten this far before. You’d think that my own wife would know how hard I’ve worked to achieve this. That’s why you need to die – you don’t appreciate my work ethic.

I’m not sure how I’m going to do it but it’ll probably be with my hunting rifle. Actually, if only I had one of these alien weapons – I’d probably use that. That would be really cool. You’re lucky this game isn’t real.

I take that back though, you’re not lucky. You are going to die after all. I guess this will teach you not to make your husband re-order his priorities. Halo 2 first, then trash – and then, of course, some of the sweet love-making.

That’s one thing you’ve always been good at – knowing that video games come before sex. You’ve never hassled me on that. Kudos to you on that.

But, you’re still going to die.

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