July 30, 2015

PS4 Doubles Atari 7800 Sales During Morning Drive Time


Sony sold two Playstation 4 units during the financial period spanning 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM, July 25th 2015, outperforming the one Atari 7800 console sold during the same period.

The figures were provided in a recent coffee shop chat issued by two Craigslist users, Mark and Kevin.

According to Mark’s report, the PS4 sales contributed greatly to his rainy day fund.

PS4 sales were listed as two for the period, which is an increase from the zero it sold during the same period two hours before.

Mark expects to spend his rainy day fund to fix either his roof or his water heater; whichever goes first.

Kevin, meanwhile, revealed that his video game fund decreased by $25. According to him, this was driven by “purchasing an Atari 7800 console from Craigslist.”

Kevin said he purchased one Atari 7800 console at 7:30AM compared to the previous hour’s zero. He did not clarify whether or not it came with games or if it was worth $25.

Kevin expects to rebuild his video game fund in the next few months after selling off his McNugget Buddies toy collection.


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