August 4, 2015

Games Done Slow Event Has Raised Over $100 Million for Charity


The first annual slowrun event Games Done Slow, started in January of 2010, is still going, inspiring watchers to give over $100 million to charity.

The event was started as an alternate experience to coincide with the Games Done Quick event series started by the Speed Demos Archive website to raise money for various charities. Just like its name says, gamers are tasked with beating games as slow as possible instead of as quick as possible like in the main events. So far, most of the games played have yet to leave the start screen and the donations just keep coming in.

Some of the highlights:

Pokémon Gold (all Pokémon captured) (Game Boy Color) – JohnStee, the top Pokémon player in the world has yet to hit the start button and has eaten over 1500 pizzas (which isn’t a record since it’s over the span of five years)
Zelda’s Adventure (TAS) (CD-i) – Milkbread accidentally hit the Play button on the controller but hasn’t moved since
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Any%) (PS2) – FilthyFred got married and had a son while his wife MeldaT12 graduated from college during this event

The event is still going and the organizers have vowed to keep it going until all the games are finished. Check out the video below of the event from December 2013.

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