August 24, 2015

Capcom Announces Delay For New Street Fighter V News Announcement


Last week, Capcom announced that there would be a special announcement about Street Fighter V this week but according to a new announcement from Capcom that special announcement will be delayed.

Veteran producer Yoshinori Ono said on Twitter that Capcom would be making the announcement at PAX Prime this coming weekend, even though he wouldn’t be there himself.

“Unfortunately, I have to wash my hair that weekend,” Ono said. “However we really have some great excitement announcement for SFV! I have announcement excitement!”

According to a new tweet from Capcom, fans are going to have to wait for this new announcement.

“Unfortunately, we have to delay our exciting SFV announcement,” said the Capcom Twitter account. “We very much apologize for those of you who have been sitting by your Twitter feeds waiting for the news.”

“We will be making another extra special announcement shortly about when the regular special announcement will be announced,” the account added.

According to Capcom insiders, the delay was caused by a shampooing error on Ono’s part which resulted in his hair changing color and a glowing red aura surrounding his body. Neither Capcom nor Ono have confirmed this rumor but they haven’t not confirmed it either so it’s all up in the air, really.

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