August 24, 2015

Nintendo Files Patent For Console With No Purchasers


Nintendo has filed a patent for a console that has no purchasers.

The patent shows a rough schematic of a console that, according to the patent filing’s abstract, “will not be purchased” by a videogames buying public.

The patent shows a console that no one would ever want to buy, and further cites “a little poking needle,” in the controller that pokes players if they try to play the console. The patent says it will allow retail stores “to buy the console in an attempt to sell,” but that customers will refuse due to “horrible ideas.”

The language in the patent could signify that Nintendo is bracing for a customer-less future but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a new way to play games. While the console in the patent doesn’t include purchasers, it does mention a torture aspect not seen in games since the Virtual Boy. The patent states, “there is a possibility of consumers wanting to feel the pain of owning a new Nintendo console, provided that it has new experiences and at least one Mario and Zelda game.”

In June, Nintendo said it was intentionally keeping quiet about the new console due to concerns that competitors would keep on doing whatever they are doing anyways.


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