September 14, 2015

‘Kim Davis’ DLC Coming Soon To Papers, Please


New DLC has been announced for the award winning game Papers, Please via the creator’s Twitter feed.

“Our new DLC pack ‘Kim Davis’ will be released soon,” tweeted Lucas Pope.

In a follow up post on his Facebook page, Pope gave a description of what the new DLC will be like:

Your job as county clerk is to control the type of people getting marriage licenses in Kentucky. Among the throngs of applicants looking to be married are gays and more gays. Using only the turned in applications and the the county’s gaydar systems you must decide who can get married and who will be cast away.

In yet another follow up post on his Tumblr account, Pope posted a picture of two cats getting married:

No word on a release date but look for a follow up post to Pope’s Instagram shortly.

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