The Game Rag is the Internet’s number one news source for news sourced from other news sources. From its humble beginnings as a column in a street newspaper to its meteoric rise and fall following the video game news crash of 2007 (wherein a group of former IGN forum users murdered 45% of the leading games journalists), The Game Rag has always made its mission to bring the most accurate and racially sensitive information available to an ever expanding populace of Internet weirdos.

The Game Rag prides itself on the amount of information packed into each hastily written article. While most websites are content to give you high word counts with little to no substance, The Game Rag has been able to get its point across in mere sentences. For instance.

In addition to its main office in Christmas, Florida, The Game Rag has locations in Europe, South America, some parts of Africa, one part of Australia and in East Asia (whereabouts currently unknown).

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