Middle East Riots Rated ‘E’ For ‘Cartoon Violence’

The recent riots that have plagued Western embassies across the Middle East have been rated “E” for “Cartoon Violence” by the Arabian Software Ratings Board.

The ASRB said that the riots, sparked by months-old Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, are appropriate for all ages and provide good fun in a social setting.

“The stereotypical image of the violent Muslim as a lone suicide bomber hiding in shadowy terrorist organizations is no longer valid,” said Mustafa Al-Hisan, director of the Arabian Software Association. “It’s nice to see a high profile act of violence that whole throngs of extremists can enjoy together, out in the open.”

The ASA director was also quick to play up the health benefits of rioting. “Jumping barriers and running from riot police is a great, aerobic alternative to the more sedentary Muslim practices like praying and studying the Koran,” Al-Hisan said.

The “Cartoon Violence” descriptor is defined by the ASRB as “Violent actions caused by the evil and hurtful depictions of Muslims by the Great Satan.”

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