Alien Hominid Creator Wins Lottery, Announces New Game

After announcing a lottery win last week, Behemoth, the studio behind Alien Hominid, has just announced a new game is in development for all three current-generation consoles.

“We are really fortunate to have some great talent on our team. They just keep coming up with great ideas,” says Tom Fulp, programmer for Alien Hominid and co-founder of Behemoth.

According to Fulp, this breaks the traditional mold of how the video game business works.

“Normally, if a studio doesn’t make a lot of money, even on a great game, they won’t be able to do another game,” he said.

The winning lottery numbers were 01-20-02-10

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Sony Introduces New “Touch Screen” Innovation For PS3

Sony has just released another tidbit on it’s next-gen system, the PS3: it will offer new never-before-seen “touch screen” technology.

“Gamers demand something new and exciting with each new console and we have delivered ten-fold,” said Ken Kutaragi, president of Sony Computer Entertainment.

This new “touch screen” technology will allow players to “touch” a “screen” and “interact” with the video “games.”

“It’s important to note that this has never been done before and so we should get all the credit,” said Kutaragi.

When asked specifically how much credit they should get, Kutaragi reiterates, “All of it… All of it.”

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