[RETRO RAG] Bakers Association Takes Issue With Yoshi’s Cookie

Sometimes you have to look to the past to get a sense of the present and, if you have to, the future. With RETRO RAG, The Game Rag takes you back to the early days of video games when sitcoms were just getting off the ground and homophobia was a constitutional right.

February 28, 1992 – The Association of Bakers, Confectioners and Dessert-makers (ABCD) today issued a formal letter to Nintendo Co. Ltd. protesting demeaning portrayal of bakers in the game Yoshi’s Cookie.

The letter says that the game gives children an unrealistic perception of what a baker’s job is really like.

“[Yoshi’s Cookie] trivializes the fine art of creating sugary treats, making it seem no more difficult than pulling a few levels and matching up similar shapes in rows or columns. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

The group also took issue with the game’s use of popular video game figure Mario in the role of the baker.

“Our members have to go through years of study and rigorous training to earn that hat and apron. Just because you put a chef’s hat on a plumber does not make him a baking professional.”

This is not the first time the food and video game industries have clashed. In 1982, the International Alliance of Short Order Cooks organized a boycott of Data East in protest of Burger Time, which they said, “gives the mistaken impression that anthropomorphized hot dogs, eggs and pickles are a threat to the sanitation of the average short order kitchen.”

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