Activision Seeks City For Third ‘True Crime’ Game

Designers at Activision, the makers of the popular True Crime series of games, are soliciting proposals to help them decide in which metropolitan area to set the third game.

“After Los Angeles and New York, it may make sense to go to a place like Chicago or Miami,” explained Ron Doornink, Chairman, Activision Publishing, Inc. “However, we are open to suggestions, and maybe even government bribes.”

Many urban areas are looking to be featured in the game in hopes of boosting tourism and overall appeal.

“We had the baseball All-Star game in 2005, we will have the Super Bowl in 2006, and we’d like True Crime: Streets of Detroit in 2007!” exclaimed Detroit City Counselwoman JoAnn Watson. “We would love to continue to have white people visit our city.”

Detroit isn’t the only crime-ridden city to jump at the opportunity.

“We are the most violent city two years running,” said Gwendolyn A. Faison, the mayor of Camden, New Jersey. “What crime could be more true than that?” Watts, Calif. also expressed interest, but has already been turned down because it is part of Los Angeles.

However, even non-cesspools are in talks with Activision.

“Corpus Christi is a lovely area that contains beautiful beaches and an active nightlife,” said Kimberly Lemley, Director of Visitor/Media Services, Corpus Christi Convention & Visiter’s Bureau. “Our city would be a perfect setting for whatever game will sell well with college students looking for a great spring break destination.”

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Next-Gen Minesweeper To Use Doom III Engine

Id Software has announced it’s developing a new update on the classic strategy game, Minesweeper, using the critically acclaimed Doom III engine.

The update will feature a stunning 3D minefield complete with the dynamic shadows and atmospheric lighting that Doom III is famous for. The new Minesweeper game is being described by the developers as “chilling,” “suspenseful,” and “a refreshing take on the Minesweeper franchise.”

“Danger will be around every corner,” says director Adrian Carmack, who spearheaded the production of the Doom III engine. “Players will be expected to anxiously scour their surroundings with their flashlight, looking for suspect areas upon which to plant their marking flags.” But be careful, he warns, “one false step and it’s all over. It takes a lot of skill to wear the sunglasses.” Id hopes to release Minesweeper II in 2006 for the PC and Xbox 360.

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IGN To Launch Ad-Only Channel

IGN, known for their cutting edge video game journalism and strong brand loyalty, has just launched a new ad-only channel,

It will have all of the great features that IGN is known for except that it will only feature the ads part.

“The ads are what keep me coming back to IGN,” says MaRkOn3, a user of IGN’s free user message boards. “I love wading through five minutes of ads to find the news that’s relevant to my interests. In fact, I would pay for the membership if it didn’t get rid of some of the ads.”

IGN started as back when the internet was young and Nintendo still had mainstream fans. Today, it’s one of the biggest video game news sites on the web. In fact, most surfers get their news from IGN, but only when it’s linked from another Web site’s message board.

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Mario Named SI’s Sportsman Of The Year

The famed Nintendo video game character “Mario” has been named as Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsman of the Year” for 2005.

The article listed Mario’s contributions to baseball, golf, tennis and soccer, as well as his charitable work with hunger-relief agency Northwest Harvest, as reasons why he was given the nod.

“Mario is the number one video game mascot in the world, and now Sports Illustrated has decided he is the number one athlete as well,” says Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales & marketing. “That makes a lot of sense, considering Nintendo’s committment to being recognized as being the best.”

“Mario is like the Bo Jackson of the new millenium,” added Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of America’s vice president of marketing & corporate affairs. “Only without the hip injuries.”

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WoW Not Popular Among Eskimos

According to World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment, the game is not popular among the Inuit people of Alaska.

In a statement given this morning from the California-based offices, Michael Morhaime, President, released statistical information about WoW’s players and about how popular the game has become.

“It’s important to note that while World of Warcraft has been very successful with Whites, Blacks, Yellows and Reds, it’s still not catching on with the Greys,” said Morhaime.

Blizzard has vowed to change this and with the addition of a goblin Inuit tribe to the Warcraft universe, they feel that this will hook the Inuits into playing.

“Goblins and Inuits have long been ignored in the fantasy community,” said Morhaime, “and I don’t mean goblins or Inuits separately. I specifically mean goblin Inuits.”

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